Project ‘HOPE’, our current initiative was inspired by our loved ones who have either passed away or are fighting breast cancer and compassion for kids who have lost limbs due to cancer.

  • Breast Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women. Survival rate increases significantly with early detection and treatment.
  • Most developing nations do not carry sufficient facilities for early detection or surgeries that are cost prohibitive and lack means to facilitate essential support for cancer survivors to lead a fruitful life.

Sri Lanka – a nation supporting more then 10 million women and 5 million children, houses only one general cancer hospital supported by a few regional cancer units! Being a developing nation, Sri Lanka has very different cancer support needs, compared to the US, lacking even the basic infrastructure requirements for cancer diagnosis and support services. Project ‘HOPE’ aims to help equip a Regional Cancer Center in Sri Lanka with surgical and biopsy equipment and provide child patients of the National hospital with state of the art prosthetic limbs. Our selected locations, the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital and the Maharagama National Cancer Hospital meet or exceed our qualifier categories.

  • Both are Teaching Hospitals already housing qualified, well-experienced medical staff.
  • Both hospitals are premier health care facilities. 
  • Kurunegala unit is an advanced care facility supporting 32 base hospitals, 5 district level hospitals and 1 general hospital in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka while The Maharagama National Hospital operates as the hub for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment nationwide.
  • Both house facilities for surgery and chemotherapy.
  • The Wayamba Cancer Society (WCS), an affiliated committee of physicians of the Kurunegala Cancer Unit and  Dr. Kaushalya Hattotuwa at the Maharagama hospital will be the trusted “boots on the ground” partners of VAASOCAL in implementing Project ‘HOPE’, have years of experience in catering to patients’ needs.

Scope of Project ‘Hope’


The cancer unit of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital consults about 60-80 patients per day and 5-6 of them require urgent surgery. This is where things get out of hand. ‘No-cost’ surgeries mean a 3-6 month wait at a facility 100+miles away.  The ‘pay-for’ surgery at a private sector hospital costs at least LKR 150,000 (US $1,000), a burden too heavy for the average mother or sister or grandmother, amidst the competing priorities for food and education for their families. As a result, there is a dearth of surgical equipment in the hospital to perform timely surgeries ‘free’ of charge. Project ‘Hope’ endeavors to provide a minimum $5,000 to fulfill this urgent need.  WCS will vouch for the proper use of funds donated to them by us.

Project ‘HOPE’ also will touch the lives of child cancer survivors with legs amputated above knee at the Maharagama National Hospital. A prosthetic leg that can grow with the child and has mobility at the knee costs $1,700 each.  Our aim is to give at least 5 of these youngsters mobility and a fair chance of enjoying a normal childhood.